Birthday Celebration: Return gift by Subhranshu Pati, Bangalore to Abhiram Munda, Sambalpur

21.07.2021: Happy Birthday to Subhranshu Pati, Bangalore. In return gift he is helping a person Abhiram Munda (38 Years), Sambalpur who at present having Kidney problem and at present Creatinine % is 2.5. Abhiram was the only source of income and his parents are now old and his mother suffering from Knee pain. At present his wife is working (daily wages type) and getting little amount and they are surviving with that small amount and Little Rice from Govt. As per Doctor he needs some medicinal support and hope he will be requiring Cap Nephrocap 1 cap daily for long long time. 1 Strip Approx 15 tab and is Rs.135.20. Thanks to Subhranshu for supporting the family and we will try our best to support Abhiram Munda with the guidance of Doctor and as per our capacity. We all should celebrate our birthday with poor peoples. This is not only a unique way to celebrate your birthday.

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