MYRA Supports Suneli & her Parents, Daringbadi, Kandhamal

28.05.2021: Daringbadi:

Suneli do not Cry we are with you always
27.05.2021: Daringbadi: Suneli (Age 12) a Divyang from Badabanga kalani Sahi, Daringbadi block,kandhamal Dist,Odisha. Suneli’s parents are not only poor but also they are not in sound health. Suneli was assured of all necessary support for time to come. We are in constant touch with suneli and will stick to our commitment. Myra took the responsibility of providing required medical support to the ailing parents of suneli. Suneli is now Myra’s daughter (adopted). After getting information from Suneli we are providing vegetables, Grocery, Medical Support sooner the possible. Thank you very much to our MYRA member Sarthak Nayak, US for the support. 
On 28.05.2021: we have sent Rs.1000 for Vegetables Etc and shortly we will provide Medicial supports also, discussion going on……

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