Support to Madhusudan Bag (Divyang), Bargarh

17.07.2021: Bargarh: Madhusudan Bag (10.06.1982), Balramdev Club, Khajurtikra, Bargarh, Wife: Pramila Bag, (Barsha Pali, Sambalpur), today we have given a token of love of Rs.2000 to him. Also we rechaged his phone (Rs.248). He is capable of making Papoch/Matresses by using old/wastage Saree, also Rua (Balita), We are very much thankful to Doctor Ashwini Kumar Bhoi, Kishori Nushing Home Bargarh who waived the medicine cost, fees from Madhusudan after he listen our telephonic cost. Thank you very much to Reema, Bargarh from we got the valuable information. Thank you very much to our MYRA member Minati Sahoo, Bargarh who reached to the site and handed over the amount. Many more support will be in future.

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