MYRA Supports Durga Gagrai & Sumati Gagrai family at Joda, Keonjhar, Odisha

17.05.2021: Joda: Few months back Durga Gagrai met with an accident & he lost his one leg and now walking with sticks. He is basically from Village: Jamupani, Block: Joda, Gram Panchayet: Badakalimati, Dist: Keonjhar, Odisha. Now her wife Sumati Gagrai is somehow earning some money by working like a maid etc. They have Four Children, Rina Gagrai (F-13 yrs), Bela Gagrai (F-11 yrs), Sanjay Gagrai (M-9 yrs), Nandu Gagrai (M-6 yrs). Now entire family depend upon Sumati. On behalf of MYRA arranged Groceries, Fruits etc to the family. In future we will try to support more and more to this family. Thank you very much to Rabindra Kumar khamania, Aadyasha News from whom we came to know about Durga. Also Thanks to Rasmita, Aadyasha News.


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