On Sunabesa Lunch at Rabandihi Old Aged Home, Sundargarh

21.07.2021: Sundargarh: In the event of Sunabesa 2021 MYRA arranged Lunch Program for all the Old Aged people of Ravandihi, Po:Karla, Sundargarh. We are regulary in touch with the Ashram and we try our best support. Thanks to our MYRA member Alok Jain, Bhubaneswar who sponsored the activity. We also celebrate the NUAKHAI in Rabandihi with the old aged people. We arranged Rice, Dal, Sabji, Khata, Papad, Pakudi etc MYRA Sees the need and not the cause. We respect Old Aged people. In future we will support moe and more. Best wishes and good health to all.

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