Support to Subhadra (Blind) & Nirakara (Blind), Tamando, Bhubaneswar

12.07.2021: Bhubaneswar: ଚକା ଆଖି ସବୁ ଦେଖୁଛି !! Jay Jagannath !! Today we supported Subhadra (Blind) & Nirakara (Blind), Tamando, Bhubaneswar. As per discussion with her we arranged Vegetables, Fruits, Grocery, Recharged her mobile phone, Refilled the Gas Cylinder. On Punya thethi 12th July 2021, & shradhanjali to Vicky Kisan Naik, our MYRA member Aruna Naik supported to Subhadra. Many more support to Subhadra in future. we are in touch with them since last 4 years.

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